Who is adamscotttownley?

A Writer? A Film Maker? A Gamer? A Nerdy Collector?

All of those things are me. Each battling each other to reign supreme. It’s hard to keep one happy without pissing off the other three.

This is to simply keep the writer in me happy, which in turn makes me happy. Film Maker me is kept under control by putting short film ideas on paper for later reference. The Gamer inside is always happy with the amount of quality games released each month, though he does get anxious during the summer drought. That Nerdy Collector is kept at bay by purchasing awesome statues and figures, putting them on display and appreciating the craftsmanship put into each and every one.

With that, the writer can relax, getting his fair share in the spotlight with this blogging. Plus he now gets to help out the others by expressing their interests on here too.

Everyone wins. Every single one of me.



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