Iron Man 3 (2013) Review

I’m Tony Stark. I build neat stuff, got a great girl, occasionally save the world. So why can’t I sleep?

The Iron Man franchise as of now is one of the biggest Marvel properties out there. Even The Avengers felt like more of an Iron Man movie than anything else. Is this any surprise though? They have Robert Downey, Jr. playing the role he was born to play and some of the best actions scenes withing the realm of comic book movies. A lot of audiences, including me, thought as though Iron Man 2 was a step down from the first, so with Shane Black at the helm for Iron Man 3, can audiences look forward to the sequel they’ve been waiting for? In short, yes.

Iron Man 3, under the direction of ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ director Shane Black, is vastly different in tone to previous entries, but it still retains the comedy that the Iron Man movies are known for. In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark goes up against a terrorist called The Mandarin. Struggling to defeat his greatest foe yet, Tony has to rebuild and rethink his legacy as the Iron Man to overcome The Mandarin and save those closest to him.

Comparisons to the other Iron Man movies inbound throughout this review. Firstly, a lot of past characters return from previous movies including Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, Don Cheadle as James Rhodes, Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan and of course Paul Bettany as the one and only Jarvis. They all reprise their roles well and it’s hard to fault them, they’ve been these characters enough to play them to the best of their ability. Of course Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark is the highlight of the movie as always. Delivering witty lines by the bucket load and playing a Tony Stark that is trying to overcome the horrors of what happened in New York (The Avengers). This is by far his best performance as Tony Stark, a lot more in line as to how he portrayed him in the very first Iron Man.

Ben Kingsley plays The Mandarin, the main villain in this entry. The Mandarin is one of Iron Man’s most Iconic villains in the comics, and it’s safe to say, he’s great in this movie. Played as more of a modern day terrorist, it fits him in to today’s world and is a nice change from the usual ‘bad guy with a suit’ or alien menace. Ben Kingsley does a surprising job with The Mandarin and was a big highlight of the movie, getting better as the movie goes on. Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian is more of a traditional villain, trying to change the world. He wasn’t as good as Ben Kingsley, but at least by the second half of the movie he really comes into his own and we get some good action.

Now the comedy in the movie is some of the best we’ve had yet. It’s witty and got the audience laughing, Without giving too much away, scenes with Ben Kingsley later on actually got the biggest laughs from everyone. This wouldn’t be a comic book movie if we didn’t have a ton of action to drool to. Iron Man 3 really excels in this area with some truly fantastic scenes. Some are real intense, like the plane scene. In this scene Iron Man has to save 13 people as they are falling through the sky, with only being able to carry 4 at once, Iron Man has to think outside to box before they slam to the ground.

The real standout scene however is the ending. I must admit, the endings for both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were pretty lackluster. Sure they were visually very nice, but with the weak villains, they didn’t really feel epic or like a true final battle. Thankfully Iron Man 3 remedies this by having fantastic villains and throwing loads of Iron Man suits into the mix as seen in the trailer. The Epic-O-Meter shoots off the scale at the end, with Tony jumping from suit to suit fighting whilst also trying to save Pepper.

The special effects are top notch as always, with the newest Mark 42 suit flying onto Tony’s body and snapping together around him. It looks bad ass and reminds me of the scene in Iron Man 2 with the briefcase suit. The pacing of the Iron Man 3 was perfect with the right amount of character development between the action to make sure you never felt bored with the movie. Also giving the down time at the right moment to make sure the action didn’t give off fatigue.

The only complaint I have with the movie is the lack of War Machine. Sure we have Iron Patriot now, and it’s the same as the War Machine suit only different colours. However with War Machine being a favourite of mine from the animated series it didn’t quite sit well with me. This is only really a personal compliant, but one I feel should be noted.

Shane Black has delivered in my opinion the best Iron Man movie to date. Everything fell into place with the darker tone giving Iron Man 3 a more personal vibe. I could not recommend Iron Man 3 any more, you have to see it if your a fan of Marvel in the slightest. Iron Man 4 may seem like it may never happen with Robert Downey, Jr. feeling his time as Tony Stark may be coming to an end, but by god I hope we do get Iron Man 4 in Marvel’s Phase 3 in the far future. If not, then maybe a new Hulk movie would fill it’s place rather well.

9 Iron Man Suits out of 10


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