An Interview with Bruce Wayne (Part 1)

During the night of the Wayne Enterprises Orphanage Fundraiser, I was able to sit down with Gotham’s favourite son, Bruce Wayne. Supporting Gotham in its time of need, Mr. Wayne has put more money into our great city than anyone else. We may have a vigilante running around calling himself Batman, fighting crime and saving innocent lives. However, without Mr. Wayne, it’s safe to say we may not even have a city. Let’s jump into part one of my exclusive interview with Billionaire, Bruce Wayne.

What compelled you to throw this Orphanage Fundraiser?
Well, losing my parents was a big part of my life, it changed me and made me the man I am today. You might think I lead a perfect life, but those events still hurt to this very day. No amount of wealth can change that, I have to live with this for the rest of my life. So The Orphanage Fundraiser is happening to make sure the orphans get the best possible care and can grow up to their full potential. The last thing I want is for other people to share this pain of mine.

We’re nearing $1,000,000 in the Orphanage Fundraiser tonight, what’s all this money going to achieve?
Firstly, a chunk of it will be going towards a newer building. Larger and nicer to look at is what the architect has gone for, the plans are already finalized and approved so once tonight is over, building will commence within the next few weeks. I’d also love to tell you where it’s being built, but the Mayor will be making the announcement shortly (laughs). The rest of the money will go into new interiors for both the current and new (when built) orphanage. As well as more staff to make sure the children are well looked after.

Sounds magical! I’m sure the children will love it. When are you hoping the newer Orphanage to be built by?
With the current contractors we have in place, it’s looking to be about 3 months. We are hopeful to have it finished sooner, but all kinds of setbacks can happen.

You help run Wayne Enterprises, but it’s not exactly a full-time job. What does Bruce Wayne do in his spare time?
I dress up as a bat and fight bad guys (laughs). No, having all this money can actually make life quite boring. In a usual day though, I’ll hop into the gym for a few hours in the morning, it’s not easy looking this good. In the afternoon is when business takes a hold and I become the Bruce Wayne people know. It’s in the evening when things get interesting, if she’s not Swedish, she’s English (laughs). Seriously though, I’ll usually throw a small get together with some unsavoury characters and have a blast. I can definitely feel it in the morning!

So you’re not in a serious relationship at the moment? I’m sure my female readers would love to know!
Being in a serious relationship is hard for me, I feel my lifestyle isn’t suited well for anyone else. That might sound selfish but I would actually love to have someone there who I could talk to about my feelings and be passionate with. Someone to take me out on date, laugh at my horrible jokes and take me back to their house for a coffee. However, there is just no room for that right now, but time is ticking, it always is.

You’ve put a lot of your own fortune in helping build Gotham City into a safer place. Do you feel it has helped?
Yes. All of the money went into helping the GPD expand and grow its task force. Because of that, they are able to fully cover all of Gotham City and help anyone that may be in trouble. I know that when I’m walking in Gotham, I feel safe. I’m aware that there are some ‘issues’ that GPD can struggle to handle. That’s why my next chunk of funding will be going towards better equipment and gear of the GPD.

Check back tomorrow for part two of my Bruce Wayne interview, when I ask him what he thinks of the mysterious Batman.



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