An Interview with Bruce Wayne (Part 2)

During the night of the Wayne Enterprises Orphanage Fundraiser, I was able to sit down with Gotham’s favourite son, Bruce Wayne. Supporting Gotham in its time of need, Mr. Wayne has put more money into our great city than anyone else. We may have a vigilante running around calling himself Batman, fighting crime and saving innocent lives. However, without Mr. Wayne, it’s safe to say we may not even have a city. Yesterday, I posted part 1 of the interview, here’s what else Bruce Wayne had to say in part 2. Enjoy!

You just mentioned the kind of problems GPD struggle to handle, since Batman entered the scene he has assisted the GPD handle these more effectively despite them listing him for arrest. What are your thoughts on Batman?
People see him as a vigilante or menace to the city, bringing in more troublesome crime in the process. I can’t argue with them, but in my eyes, sources in the GPD say that crime is on the decrease with Batman in the picture. I think anyone will be able to see that as a positive, however I think Batman is helping the city and hope the people of Gotham will give him a chance, I know I will. Sure he’s listed for arrest, he’s a vigilante, but he is doing good from what I can make out from reading the articles.

Rumors of Batman being half man, half bat are everywhere. Even ones that state he is able to change into a bat. Do you think there is any truth in these rumors?
Well they’re called rumors for a reason, people make this stuff up to get their moment in the spotlight. He’s probably nothing more than just a guy in a suit. I’m sure this Batman reads these rumors and laughs to himself. At least these rumors are giving Batman some publicity and maybe even striking fear into the hearts of the criminals that believe they run this city.

You sound pretty supportive of Batman, but it seems every criminal he sends away, another springs up in their place. Will Gotham ever become free of crime?
I hope so and I know I speak for everyone in Gotham when I say that. We have a large police force and a vigilante fighting crime, yet like you said, crime keeps coming back. With my funding going into helping the GPD grow into a more effective police force, there are graphs showing an expected steady decrease in crime over the next few years. Personally I believe crime will never leave Gotham and that’s why I support the idea of the vigilante, Batman. He isn’t bound by the law and because of this he will have a more direct route to the source of the crime.

That’s what worries the people of Gotham City, a vigilante not bound by the law. Surely this is not sitting comfortable with people?
That’s understandable, I know if Batman broke into Wayne Manor at the middle of the night to question me, I’d be more than a little unhappy. However as I am in support of him, I think it comes down to trust. He’s working outside the law to catch criminals in 24 hours, were as (not to criticize the GPD) it would take the GPD over a week to get all the permits and evidence together.

The GPD has done a lot over the years to help the city, but do you think the GPD and Batman can ever work together?
For all we know, they already are. My sources in the GPD haven’t told me anything to suggest such a partnership, but I believe life sure would be easier for Batman if they could see eye to eye.

Lastly, if you could give Batman a message, what would it be?
I’m sure he has better things to do than read about some rich guy, but if he did stumble onto this I would like to say, “Thank you”.

There you have it, my exclusive interview with Bruce Wayne. For more coverage on the Wayne Enterprises Orphanage Fundraiser, keep your eyes peeled to our website for videos and other interviews. Thank you for reading.



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