Talking Face (Short Story)

It’s been over 4 months now. 4 months since the world fell apart. People expected riots, murder and crime to rule the streets. Surprisingly, they couldn’t be further from the truth. The streets died, becoming more empty as time went on. Major cities became so quiet, you could hear the nature around you. No one could have predicted what happened. Leading up to it, there was nothing on the news or even online to warn us. Things like this don’t happen out of the blue.

Someone must have seen this coming?

Someone must know how it happened?

Who did it?

These questions linger in the air, unsolved. When it happened, I thought we’d be able to move on. We’ve done it before, why has it become so hard to do? It may sound silly, but in the first week I found it very funny to see people adapt to the change. I struggled myself to be perfectly honest. It wasn’t easy. Even the people use to it were struggling.

Friendships fell apart, relationships were tested and families got torn apart. When people came to accept the change, that’s when the effects started to kick in. The unemployment rate doubled within the first month and it is now believed that 73% of the country is unemployed. What we really need now is some way of finding out if we will ever be able to go back to the life we had all been use to? Only time will tell, maybe one day it will be back on. When that day comes, the rebuilding of this country will be the first thing on everyone’s list.

Who knew that 4 months of no texting, phoning or internet would have such an impact. We now have to spend our lives actually talking to each other, face to face. It’s weird. There was once a time when people would do nothing but text and chat to each other online, an easy life. That’s now gone, and with it, everyone’s confidence. I feel like I’ve been sent back in time, I’m sure everybody feels the same.


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