Lovely Loose Ends (Short Story)

He approached the door to her apartment. His expensive suit served no purpose other than to hide his pistol. The memories of her hit him harder than a train. All those times together he tried to forget. There’s no doubt that he still had feelings for her, feelings he thought he had buried so far down, that they’d never surface again. With trembling hands and heavy breathing, he knew he had to pull himself together.

There has been on one else in his life since she left. For 20 years, people went on with there lives but his became stuck in limbo. Wanting to move on but having the inability to do so had taken its toll. Despite burying the memories, he has never been the same man since that day 20 years ago. At that time, he tried everything to keep her from leaving. She knew the truth. She knew what he really did for a living.

He even told her what would happen to her when he decided to retire, the consequences she would face for leaving him, knowing what she now knew. Her heart was broken, and the threat of death had no effect of her. 20 years is more than enough time for her to hide. Living her life knowing that one day he would return to end it, she made the most out of it. She was his one and only true love.

He had found out that she was married and had 2 children, one of which was expecting a child of their own. He also knew that tonight was the night. The husband was out at work and children were busy with their own lives. She was alone.

Almost as if time itself stopped, he took a deep breath and came to focus on the mission at hand. Using his right foot, he kicked open the door. Splinters of wood took flight through air. Sat in a chair to the side of the fireplace, she watched him force his way into her home. She knew exactly why he was here. Not speaking a word, she sat there staring at him. No more than 2 metres away, he stood there staring straight back at her. Not a single word was spoken by the two of them, they both had waited for this day for 20 years.

In one swift move, he pulled out his pistol from the holster sitting against his ribs. This pistol has ended more lives than he would care to admit, and it is about to end its final one. Pointing it at her forehead, he looks into her eyes down the barrel of his pistol. He sees no regret. She was ready for this, she was even holding a letter addressed to her family. A letter she no doubt held onto at all times, never knowing when he would come for her.

On his journey over to her, he promised himself not to cry. No matter how hard he tried though, a tear escaped his eye and ran down his cheek. It was at that moment he pulled the trigger. Her blood redecorated the ornaments and wall behind her. The force of the bullet pinned her down into the chair. The letter she held onto drifted its way down to the floor.

It was over. His retirement signed by the blood of his true love.



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