Rising from the Grave: Manhunt

Smileys were my favourite gang

Smileys were my favourite gang.

I remember it was just after Christmas, and I returned to school with everyone telling each other what they had got for Christmas. A good friend of mine described a game that sounded like it had been made just for me. A stealth game with a ton of violence that allowed you to stalk your prey from the shadows before killing them with a plastic bag. I never quite remembered the name of the game, and it soon slipped my mind. Not long after, I came across a disk with no case in sight. With the words Manhunt and the Rockstar (of GTA fame) logo on it, I knew exactly this was the very same game described to me a couple of months ago.

Manhunt quickly became a personal, all-time favourite video game of mine. It is one of the few games I completely 100% complete and I knew every level like the back of my hand. A sequel was released but with it being heavily censored, I never gave it a chance. For a complete generation of consoles, we’ve had no news of a third game in the franchise. Now we’re almost upon another generation of consoles and I’m still hopeful. This is ‘Rising from the Grave: Manhunt’.

Playable character James Earl Cash on death row

Playable character James Earl Cash on death row.

Why? Well, why not? We saw Rockstar Games bring back the Red Dead franchise, why not Manhunt? Rockstar Games are masters at their craft. Every game they create garners much hype and anticipation. As we come to the end of a generation and the beginning of a new, we’re seeing stealth games a lot more frequently. So it’s pretty clear that stealth games are popular right now, and even when they’re not, they’re always welcomed by most gamers. Also, the games industry has matured to the point were a game like Manhunt can fit in and not cause controversy like it once did.

How could it improve? First and foremost, the graphics. The last time we saw Manhunt, everyone still had the infamous square hands that Rockstar Games were known for back then. How about multiplayer too? I’ve never liked the idea of tacked on multiplayer, but with stealth mechanics, multiplayer can feel fresh and unique. Splinter Cell showed that it can work with their Spy vs. Mercs multiplayer mode. Rockstar Games have also come a long way in their writing too, with their newer games containing interesting characters and fantastic stories. This no doubt would mean we could get a story that drives the player forward and keeps the game intense, scary and full of surprises.

Realistically, could this game happen? Anything is possible, even more so if you’re talking about Rockstar Games. They currently have Grand Theft Auto V coming out in September, with DLC no doubt planned. After that though, where do they go? After Grand Theft Auto IV, they developed Red Dead Redemption, after that they did Max Payne 3. I can see another new IP in their future, they may also still be working on PS3 (maybe now PS4) exclusive Agent. However, Manhunt was fairly well received by critics and gamers alike back in 2003, as was the sequel in 2007/ 2008. Rockstar Games have also made their love for the franchise known over the years.

Manhunt 3, make it happen

Manhunt 3, make it happen.

Probability of Rising from the Grave: 70%



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