Lovely Loose Ends (Short Story)

He approached the door to her apartment. His expensive suit served no purpose other than to hide his pistol. The memories of her hit him harder than a train. All those times together he tried to forget. There’s no doubt that he still had feelings for her, feelings he thought he had buried so far down, that they’d never surface again. With trembling hands and heavy breathing, he knew he had to pull himself together.

There has been on one else in his life since she left. For 20 years, people went on with there lives but his became stuck in limbo. Wanting to move on but having the inability to do so had taken its toll. Despite burying the memories, he has never been the same man since that day 20 years ago. At that time, he tried everything to keep her from leaving. She knew the truth. She knew what he really did for a living.

He even told her what would happen to her when he decided to retire, the consequences she would face for leaving him, knowing what she now knew. Her heart was broken, and the threat of death had no effect of her. 20 years is more than enough time for her to hide. Living her life knowing that one day he would return to end it, she made the most out of it. She was his one and only true love.

He had found out that she was married and had 2 children, one of which was expecting a child of their own. He also knew that tonight was the night. The husband was out at work and children were busy with their own lives. She was alone.

Almost as if time itself stopped, he took a deep breath and came to focus on the mission at hand. Using his right foot, he kicked open the door. Splinters of wood took flight through air. Sat in a chair to the side of the fireplace, she watched him force his way into her home. She knew exactly why he was here. Not speaking a word, she sat there staring at him. No more than 2 metres away, he stood there staring straight back at her. Not a single word was spoken by the two of them, they both had waited for this day for 20 years.

In one swift move, he pulled out his pistol from the holster sitting against his ribs. This pistol has ended more lives than he would care to admit, and it is about to end its final one. Pointing it at her forehead, he looks into her eyes down the barrel of his pistol. He sees no regret. She was ready for this, she was even holding a letter addressed to her family. A letter she no doubt held onto at all times, never knowing when he would come for her.

On his journey over to her, he promised himself not to cry. No matter how hard he tried though, a tear escaped his eye and ran down his cheek. It was at that moment he pulled the trigger. Her blood redecorated the ornaments and wall behind her. The force of the bullet pinned her down into the chair. The letter she held onto drifted its way down to the floor.

It was over. His retirement signed by the blood of his true love.


Talking Face (Short Story)

It’s been over 4 months now. 4 months since the world fell apart. People expected riots, murder and crime to rule the streets. Surprisingly, they couldn’t be further from the truth. The streets died, becoming more empty as time went on. Major cities became so quiet, you could hear the nature around you. No one could have predicted what happened. Leading up to it, there was nothing on the news or even online to warn us. Things like this don’t happen out of the blue.

Someone must have seen this coming?

Someone must know how it happened?

Who did it?

These questions linger in the air, unsolved. When it happened, I thought we’d be able to move on. We’ve done it before, why has it become so hard to do? It may sound silly, but in the first week I found it very funny to see people adapt to the change. I struggled myself to be perfectly honest. It wasn’t easy. Even the people use to it were struggling.

Friendships fell apart, relationships were tested and families got torn apart. When people came to accept the change, that’s when the effects started to kick in. The unemployment rate doubled within the first month and it is now believed that 73% of the country is unemployed. What we really need now is some way of finding out if we will ever be able to go back to the life we had all been use to? Only time will tell, maybe one day it will be back on. When that day comes, the rebuilding of this country will be the first thing on everyone’s list.

Who knew that 4 months of no texting, phoning or internet would have such an impact. We now have to spend our lives actually talking to each other, face to face. It’s weird. There was once a time when people would do nothing but text and chat to each other online, an easy life. That’s now gone, and with it, everyone’s confidence. I feel like I’ve been sent back in time, I’m sure everybody feels the same.

Being a Tease – My Untitled Book

Yeah, I have a book. Is it published? Nope, it isn’t even finished. This is something I started a couple years ago, writing it on my iPod Touch of all things. For no reason other than a lack of motivation it had been put on hold for over a year. The thing is, this book has gone through a lot of different drafts and restarts, due to personal changes in life. However at the start of this year, I opened up the document and read it through again. It was at this point that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with what I had. Since then, progress has been slow, but at least I now know what I want this book to be.

So to celebrate this little event, I wanted to post my opening to my book. It’s brief, but helps you understand what your about to read as well as giving you motivation to read on. The book itself is written in first person, with each section of the book being a different genre set against the backdrop of a viral outbreak. The first and largest section is almost finished and is the romantic part of the book. The other two are still TBD. Without further delay, enjoy:

The year was 2030 and the world fell apart like the rotting corpses it fell victim to. In today’s world we know not of what happened in 2030, no records exist. Or do they? After coming across what I have found you will soon believe that 2030 was not the year to just simply forget. It’s the year we, mankind, almost died.

A year ago I came across a discovery, this discovery would lead to untold amounts of research. I had found 3 diaries contained within a box, buried deep in the earth near what is now known as Watchfield, but was once known as Woodsmith. These detailed what really happened in 2030 to a few individuals, the horrors they had to face and what the government did to erase their own horrific actions. Why should you trust me and believe that what your about to read is real? You can’t. However I trust you to at least read it first, everything is unedited and in it’s original form. Nothing has been removed, other than some pages that were unreadable. I warn you, it can get quite graphic.

First is the diary of Jennifer West. I’ve been unable to find any evidence of a woman named Jennifer West alive during that time. Given the lack of any detailed information from 2030 though, it doesn’t surprise me.

The second diary belongs to a Major-General Bill Reading. Thankfully I was able to find records of Major-General Bill Reading in classified British Military documents. They detailed all his operations before 2030 and interestingly enough labelled him KIA (Killed in Action) in 2028, yet the entries contained within his diary are from 2030. I have not been able to make any sense of this, all my digging ends in 2028 when he was confirmed dead in an explosion in Scotland. Maybe the Government have a hand in this?

Finally the last diary was written by Ellie Shaw. Believe or not, she is actually still alive today. I have no idea where she is but she’s out there, hiding most likely. If my sources are correct then she would had to have been about 18 to 20 years old during 2030. Maybe this book will help her come forward and confess about what happened in person.

So if you are reading this and it has made it out into the world then it may not spell a bright future for me. For knowing what I know on what happened in 2030, I may be already dead. However if everyone knows the real story then the government has no way of containing the truth any more. To all of you, go and discover the truth. Thank you for your support in picking this book up and learning the truth.

– Dr. Ryan Brown

So there you have it, hope that was interesting enough for you. As for when will the book be finished? Well, I wish I had an answer for you. I’d love to have it done this year, so we’ll see if I can really push myself to do it. Thank you for reading.


An Interview with Bruce Wayne (Part 2)

During the night of the Wayne Enterprises Orphanage Fundraiser, I was able to sit down with Gotham’s favourite son, Bruce Wayne. Supporting Gotham in its time of need, Mr. Wayne has put more money into our great city than anyone else. We may have a vigilante running around calling himself Batman, fighting crime and saving innocent lives. However, without Mr. Wayne, it’s safe to say we may not even have a city. Yesterday, I posted part 1 of the interview, here’s what else Bruce Wayne had to say in part 2. Enjoy!

You just mentioned the kind of problems GPD struggle to handle, since Batman entered the scene he has assisted the GPD handle these more effectively despite them listing him for arrest. What are your thoughts on Batman?
People see him as a vigilante or menace to the city, bringing in more troublesome crime in the process. I can’t argue with them, but in my eyes, sources in the GPD say that crime is on the decrease with Batman in the picture. I think anyone will be able to see that as a positive, however I think Batman is helping the city and hope the people of Gotham will give him a chance, I know I will. Sure he’s listed for arrest, he’s a vigilante, but he is doing good from what I can make out from reading the articles.

Rumors of Batman being half man, half bat are everywhere. Even ones that state he is able to change into a bat. Do you think there is any truth in these rumors?
Well they’re called rumors for a reason, people make this stuff up to get their moment in the spotlight. He’s probably nothing more than just a guy in a suit. I’m sure this Batman reads these rumors and laughs to himself. At least these rumors are giving Batman some publicity and maybe even striking fear into the hearts of the criminals that believe they run this city.

You sound pretty supportive of Batman, but it seems every criminal he sends away, another springs up in their place. Will Gotham ever become free of crime?
I hope so and I know I speak for everyone in Gotham when I say that. We have a large police force and a vigilante fighting crime, yet like you said, crime keeps coming back. With my funding going into helping the GPD grow into a more effective police force, there are graphs showing an expected steady decrease in crime over the next few years. Personally I believe crime will never leave Gotham and that’s why I support the idea of the vigilante, Batman. He isn’t bound by the law and because of this he will have a more direct route to the source of the crime.

That’s what worries the people of Gotham City, a vigilante not bound by the law. Surely this is not sitting comfortable with people?
That’s understandable, I know if Batman broke into Wayne Manor at the middle of the night to question me, I’d be more than a little unhappy. However as I am in support of him, I think it comes down to trust. He’s working outside the law to catch criminals in 24 hours, were as (not to criticize the GPD) it would take the GPD over a week to get all the permits and evidence together.

The GPD has done a lot over the years to help the city, but do you think the GPD and Batman can ever work together?
For all we know, they already are. My sources in the GPD haven’t told me anything to suggest such a partnership, but I believe life sure would be easier for Batman if they could see eye to eye.

Lastly, if you could give Batman a message, what would it be?
I’m sure he has better things to do than read about some rich guy, but if he did stumble onto this I would like to say, “Thank you”.

There you have it, my exclusive interview with Bruce Wayne. For more coverage on the Wayne Enterprises Orphanage Fundraiser, keep your eyes peeled to our website for videos and other interviews. Thank you for reading.


An Interview with Bruce Wayne (Part 1)

During the night of the Wayne Enterprises Orphanage Fundraiser, I was able to sit down with Gotham’s favourite son, Bruce Wayne. Supporting Gotham in its time of need, Mr. Wayne has put more money into our great city than anyone else. We may have a vigilante running around calling himself Batman, fighting crime and saving innocent lives. However, without Mr. Wayne, it’s safe to say we may not even have a city. Let’s jump into part one of my exclusive interview with Billionaire, Bruce Wayne.

What compelled you to throw this Orphanage Fundraiser?
Well, losing my parents was a big part of my life, it changed me and made me the man I am today. You might think I lead a perfect life, but those events still hurt to this very day. No amount of wealth can change that, I have to live with this for the rest of my life. So The Orphanage Fundraiser is happening to make sure the orphans get the best possible care and can grow up to their full potential. The last thing I want is for other people to share this pain of mine.

We’re nearing $1,000,000 in the Orphanage Fundraiser tonight, what’s all this money going to achieve?
Firstly, a chunk of it will be going towards a newer building. Larger and nicer to look at is what the architect has gone for, the plans are already finalized and approved so once tonight is over, building will commence within the next few weeks. I’d also love to tell you where it’s being built, but the Mayor will be making the announcement shortly (laughs). The rest of the money will go into new interiors for both the current and new (when built) orphanage. As well as more staff to make sure the children are well looked after.

Sounds magical! I’m sure the children will love it. When are you hoping the newer Orphanage to be built by?
With the current contractors we have in place, it’s looking to be about 3 months. We are hopeful to have it finished sooner, but all kinds of setbacks can happen.

You help run Wayne Enterprises, but it’s not exactly a full-time job. What does Bruce Wayne do in his spare time?
I dress up as a bat and fight bad guys (laughs). No, having all this money can actually make life quite boring. In a usual day though, I’ll hop into the gym for a few hours in the morning, it’s not easy looking this good. In the afternoon is when business takes a hold and I become the Bruce Wayne people know. It’s in the evening when things get interesting, if she’s not Swedish, she’s English (laughs). Seriously though, I’ll usually throw a small get together with some unsavoury characters and have a blast. I can definitely feel it in the morning!

So you’re not in a serious relationship at the moment? I’m sure my female readers would love to know!
Being in a serious relationship is hard for me, I feel my lifestyle isn’t suited well for anyone else. That might sound selfish but I would actually love to have someone there who I could talk to about my feelings and be passionate with. Someone to take me out on date, laugh at my horrible jokes and take me back to their house for a coffee. However, there is just no room for that right now, but time is ticking, it always is.

You’ve put a lot of your own fortune in helping build Gotham City into a safer place. Do you feel it has helped?
Yes. All of the money went into helping the GPD expand and grow its task force. Because of that, they are able to fully cover all of Gotham City and help anyone that may be in trouble. I know that when I’m walking in Gotham, I feel safe. I’m aware that there are some ‘issues’ that GPD can struggle to handle. That’s why my next chunk of funding will be going towards better equipment and gear of the GPD.

Check back tomorrow for part two of my Bruce Wayne interview, when I ask him what he thinks of the mysterious Batman.