Star Trek Into Darkness 3D (2013) Review

In my review for Star Trek Into Darkness (See Here), I praised the film for being able to focus more on the action with the previous movie having established the world and characters. The acting was great, the directing was great, the overall movie was an absolute blast. Now seeing it a second time, nothing has changed, it’s still the great movie I went seeing a week ago. Now though, I have watched it in 3D. Let me tell you, in 3D, the movie is even better!

I’ve always found 3D gimmicky and pointless, it’s only there to make the studios more money. The only other film I watch in 3D that I can honestly say improved the experience, was Prometheus. Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D is now the best 3D experience I’ve had. Every scene was given so much depth, there was no overuse of objects flying towards the screen and particle effects floated around the screen very nicely.

In the past I would never have recommended seeing a movie in 3D. You sit down wearing stupid looking glasses, watching a film that’s usually be quickly converted into 3D in post production. However, if your yet to see Star Trek Into Darkness, take it from me, see it in 3D.