Game Dev Tycoon (2013) Review

Succeed or Fail, you'll have fun!

Succeed or Fail, you’ll have fun!

Version Played: PC

Video Games are such a massive part of my life. They have been ever since I got playing the SEGA Master System II way back in the day. So when I found out that a game called Game Dev Tycoon made it possible for you to live out your fantasies of owning a game company, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Greenheart Games first game release, Game Dev Tycoon allows you replay the history of the gaming industry by starting your own video game development company in the 80s. Creating best-selling games. Researching new technologies and inventing new game types. Becoming the leader of the market and gaining worldwide fans. It’s truly that awesome!

The main objective in the game is to evolve, make games that sell well over 1 million copies and not go bankrupt. Playing through 30 years of the industry up to the modern-day, you will be making games for publishers and becoming the major studio or the hidden indie gem. You start off in the 80s, in your garage naming your company and once you have made over 1 million, you then can move into a studio. Through research and hiring new staff, your studio evolves the way you want it to. Want to be a developer that focuses on story driven games only on the PC? That can work.

You research new topics like Horror and Fantasy to make those type of games. Every once in a while some topics may be more popular than others, then it’s up to you if you want to take advantage of that. Making games is all about matching up the topic with genres and picking the platform you will release the game on. After that, your treated to sliders that represent different factors of game development. Graphics, Sound, Level Design and so on. You then have to move these sliders up and down to see what you want to focus more on during the development. It’s all about nailing those sliders. For example, you’ll want to focus less on a story with a simulation game. Later on, it can get a little more complicated by having you assign different staff to different sliders, making sure they are working on something they are comfortable with.

When you make that multi-million selling game, the satisfaction level goes through the roof. The reviews come in, it scores great. Then the sales come in and it’s climbing and climbing through the thousands. Then you know you have a franchise with sequel written all over it. That’s the general idea of the game, and even though it may sound like it could get repetitive, it really never does. Every few years see the release of consoles we all grew up with. It stays true to real life too. When the Wii (called Nuu in the game, some of the names are great!) gets released for example, even though it dominated for the first few years, sales drop soon after and it is no longer a wise choice to develop for.

Once your rolling in the money, you’ll then be able to afford marketing and going to game conventions. It is wise to go to a convention when you have a game in development as it boosts up the hype quite a bit and can increase sales if review scores are good. Your able to train your character and your staff too, increasing their stats to make them more effective when developing games or researching. When money is low though, that’s when palms get sweaty and you have to pull off a miracle game to save your company. The bank does give you an overdraft and can even offer assistance as long as you pay them back with interest a year later. At times of multi-million selling game franchises or when your begging the bank for money, Game Dev Tycoon hardly ever has any down time.

Having made it through the 30 years with my company ‘Yellow Brick Wall’, I was pleased to find out that you can continue to play on and develop games after those 30 years. Only the story elements and release of consoles comes to an end. After the 30 years, everything you have achieved is put into perspective, with stats and high score showing how well your company has done. Even after the 30 years, my company is still growing and expanding. I hear you can make your very own games console, and I’m still to reach that level of awesomeness yet!

With Game Dev Tycoon, available from Greenheart Games website (Over Here) for $7.99 or your regional equivalent, I have no problem what so ever recommending it. If you grew up with video games, then it is probably a hidden desire to run your own company and create your own franchise. Game Dev Tycoon gives you the ability to do that. Go have some fun and see if you can survive the whole 30 years!

93 Fans Gained out of 100