World War Z (2013) Review

I love this poster.

I love this poster.

Every human being we save, is one less to fight.

Next on the summer blockbuster is list a zombie movie. Wait what? Let me just double-check. Yep, a zombie movie. Who could have guessed that we’d have received a zombie movie in the summer, with the budget and marketing of your standard superhero movie? Not many people, but it’s a welcome change for me personally. Zombie movies are my favourite sub-genre of horror. So to get a movie of this scale, about zombies no less, is an absolute treat for people like me. However, does the production troubles, rewrites and it being rated 15 (PG-13 in the US) hurt the movie? No… but yes.

World War Z has very little to do with the book. Aside from some similar stories that characters tell, this movie feels very much like its own thing. In World War Z we follow United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), as he traverses the world in a race against time to stop the zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

Now Brad Pitt is the star of this movie. All other actors/ actresses feel like nothing more than story filler and characters that I, as a viewer, wasn’t given the chance to grow to care about. So Brad Pitt has to carry this whole movie, fortunately he does a fine job. I’ve always liked him in the roles he’s played in the past and in World War Z he still delivers. I came to care for his character and sit on the edge of my seat as some of the more intense scenes played out. Daniella Kertesz plays Segan, who becomes a companion character to Brad Pitt’s Gerry Lane. Even though I came to like her, if feel it a shame that we never hear more about her in the scenes she’s in. She has very few lines and it’s a real shame, I would have loved to have heard stories and background on her character as the movie progressed. A missed opportunity in my eyes.

Director Marc Foster has a decent background of movies behind him. Whilst not having seen them all, from the ones I have watched, this could be his best film yet. A lot of camera shots that displayed the destructive force of the zombie horde were very well-chosen. The movie has a great balance of big open scenes that show zombie hordes taking over a city in the matter of minutes, to smaller, quieter, more suspenseful scenes that show how dangerous just a handful of them are. From tight camera shots, to cityscapes show in ruin, Marc Foster has done a wonderful job of making the apocalypse nice to look at.

Mentioned above, but being the biggest surprise of the whole movie, there are quite a lot of suspenseful moments when zombies jumping out of the darkness made me jump out my seat. These were totally unexpected from seeing the trailer, but nevertheless, a fantastic addition to the movie. These scenes helped give World War Z that horror movie feel, when gore and violence is cut back to make a movie more accessible, filmmakers have to be imaginative to make the balance feel fair. It was the inclusion of suspense that achieved that for horror fans like myself.

On to the more expansive, and no doubt expensive scenes of the movie. To be perfectly honest, you see a lot of it in the trailer, so you know exactly what to expect. Hordes of zombies running like a wave of death through the streets consuming everything in their path. It’s quite nail-biting and something I have never seen done before. I liked what they did, it showed numbers as well as these zombies giving off the vibe of being an unstoppable force, even when met face to face with a helicopter mounted machine gun. Felling fresh and original, for the first time ever, I liked the fact that zombies were running.

Speaking of zombies, they’re called that often throughout the movie. Not infected, just zombies. I was nice for a change, let’s just call them like we see them. At first glance, they would remind anyone of the rage infected hordes from 28 Days/ Weeks Later. As we progress through the narrative though, we see zombies that are quite fascinating. When nothing is around, they wander around like a classic zombie. However, when triggered by noise or visual contact with humans, it’s almost like they activate in a way and start to give chase. When in pursuit they also have the tendency to leap onto their victims like some sort of Rugby/ American Football player. This leads to some wonderfully done outbreak scenes, with zombies leaping from victim to victim.

World War Z has a great opening act too. Showing us the initial outbreak in Philadelphia with Brad Pitt’s character and his family in the middle of it all. For any fan of zombie movies, this is total eye candy and as close to the real thing as we would ever want to get. We see zombies throwing themselves at the fleeing crowd of humanity. We also get a glimpse of what people would lower themselves to when such an event would happen. With a possible rape scene and gun being pointed at us and not the zombies. Another standout moment in the movie took place on a plane, without giving too much away, this was incredibly intense.

It’s all been quite positive aside from the disposable cast up until now. So let’s talk about the ending, without spoilers. I didn’t like it. Not a lot of other people did too. My reasoning behind it though, was the fact that it led to making a sequel extremely difficult. I have many ideas that would make a sequel plausible, but at the moment, it seems as though it was filmed to simply make sure nobody could easily make a sequel. A real shame too, from memory, the war against the Undead was a long and brutal fight. So there could have been plenty of stories to tell. I say all this because I wanted more, the movie flew by and was over before I knew it. I wanted more footage, now I want a sequel focusing on the war and not the initial outbreak.

Maybe someone will hear my cries and we’ll have a ‘Part 2’ in the future. As it stands though, World War Z was a nice surprise, being very entertaining and pleasing to watch as a fan of horror and zombies in general. It has its problems like the ending and a lack of memorable characters, but the positives outweigh the negatives. I would happily suggest that you go and watch the movie, whether a fan of the book, horror, zombies or simply just action, you’ll find something in World War Z that’ll make you walk away with a smile.

8 Zombie Hordes out of 10


Star Trek Into Darkness 3D (2013) Review

In my review for Star Trek Into Darkness (See Here), I praised the film for being able to focus more on the action with the previous movie having established the world and characters. The acting was great, the directing was great, the overall movie was an absolute blast. Now seeing it a second time, nothing has changed, it’s still the great movie I went seeing a week ago. Now though, I have watched it in 3D. Let me tell you, in 3D, the movie is even better!

I’ve always found 3D gimmicky and pointless, it’s only there to make the studios more money. The only other film I watch in 3D that I can honestly say improved the experience, was Prometheus. Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D is now the best 3D experience I’ve had. Every scene was given so much depth, there was no overuse of objects flying towards the screen and particle effects floated around the screen very nicely.

In the past I would never have recommended seeing a movie in 3D. You sit down wearing stupid looking glasses, watching a film that’s usually be quickly converted into 3D in post production. However, if your yet to see Star Trek Into Darkness, take it from me, see it in 3D.