NECA – First Blood – Rambo Figure Review

They drew first blood, not me.

They drew first blood, not me.

Based off his appearance in the 1982 movie First Blood, NECA is out to prove that they are still the best in the business when it comes to affordable, detailed action figures. Rambo’s appearance on this particular figure is from the end of the movie as he moves through the town with his M60, hunting down the sheriff. The head sculpt is amazing, whilst it may not be quite as jaw-dropping as their Arnold Schwarzenegger likeness on their Predator figures, they still capture the essence of Sylvester Stallone’s look in the movie. As for the rest of the body, everything is proportionate and movie accurate.

He has 3 ammo belts around his torso, which have been reported to be removable, but I’m not that brave, they look fine where they are. On his belt, Rambo has a knife sheath, you can in fact put his knife in here if you don’t want him holding it which is always a nice touch. Accessories include his M60, his knife and an extra hand that is for holding the knife. The M60 is a beautiful piece, with a lot of detail and even a strap so you may strap it around his back if you don’t want him holding it. The knife, thankfully, is very movie accurate, whilst you may not be able to screw the handle off, it still looks great rather in the sheath or when being held.

On the hunt.

On the hunt.

With over 25 points of articulation on the figure, there are plenty of display options available. NECA are always moving forward in this department and it shows, not only do we have lots articulation, but it’s all hidden rather well. Exposed joints can always make the item look cheap and unpleasant on the eyes. Thankfully NECA isn’t afraid and are confident in their ability to hide them effectively.

As far as paint application goes, NECA can be known for some shoddy work in the past. However, I feel the more recent NECA of recent years we’re seeing is really stepping up their game. The Rambo figure I received is near perfectly painted, with one small sloppy paint application holding it back from being perfectly done. Rambo features a cut on his right bicep, seen in the movie, however from various comparisons to other paint work on other Rambo figures, it seems as though the blood running down his bicep is very smudged. Thankfully, this isn’t consistent with the rest of the arm, and everything else is fine.



With another version of Rambo from First Blood on the way, that being the one with the poncho from when Rambo tries to hide in the forest from the police, I can’t wait to see what NECA has in store for when they start to show us what they’re doing from the second and third movies. Going off their current release schedule, it looks as if we will be seeing 2 new Rambo figures a year. I’m hopeful we will see a version of Rambo from the 4th movie too, but it all depends on the sales and interest of the series. Simply put though, NECA have done a wonderful job with their first Rambo figure and I recommend you pick one up whilst you can.

Verdict: Buy